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  • Claudio Paes De Almeida Neto

Big Foot: Real or not?

This Article was written by Claudio Paes De Almeida Neto, Year 9

Ever heard of Bigfoot? He’s an urban legend from North America and Canada folklore.

It’s a theory that can cause quite the controversy in some people; some believing he is fake, others believing he is real.

Bigfoot is apparently a big, hairy ape-like monster, said to be roaming around the area of North America, in the USA and Canada.

Many people have claimed to have seen this creature about; however these claims don't just come from 'normal people'... The FBI have also been involved with the research of this. They researched a sample of hair that supposedly came from Bigfoot. Although they confirmed that the fur seemed to be from a deer family origin, people continue have suspicions of this and wonder if the FBI said the truth or if they are hiding information from them. Apart from this investigation, many pictures show what is thought to be 'Bigfoot.' Most of these images have a really low quality and are a bit blurry; so there is not yet feasible evidence. However,

some of the pictures to have a better quality in which we can identify the 'monster' better. Here is a link for a video that appears to show Bigfoot standing.

The controversy surrounding this conspiracy thrives not only in North America- but also in Kent College Dubai!

“I think Bigfoot isn’t real because there isn’t any reliable and actual solid evidence of its existence,” one of the year 9 students said when interviewed.

“I think Bigfoot is real because a few people have video clips of him and have seen him before,” another year 9 student when interviewed said.

As you can see, there are many divided views of the existence of Bigfoot. However, only a small percentage of people actually believe that Bigfoot is real. Even though it’s still a lot of people, only 16% of Americans believe in its existence. People suggest that he is fake because there isn’t any solid evidence. But just because there isn’t sufficient evidence. doesn’t necessarily mean that something is fake (don't tell the science teachers we said this.)

So why is Bigfoot so famous?

Well, as said in one of the past conspiracy theories article, Bigfoot is a mythical creature which has been hunted down by many people. Not only that, but governments can use these creatures as a form to gain money; by engaging more tourists who visit the country in hopes to find these creatures.

In my opinion, it doesn't seem unrealistic for a creature like him to exist. An ape-like figure that roams the forest? Could be a normal person that lives in the forest... could be an ape that grew a bit too much... or it could come from an actual mythical background. Who knows? But from what I’ve seen, I have reason to believe that Bigfoot is real.

What about you? Do you think that the Bigfoot is real? Do you think he is fake?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Also mention which conspiracy theory you would like to have us discuss next.

Thank you for spending your time reading this article,

We’ll see you soon!


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