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  • Saoirse C-W

Becket Triumphs!

This article was written by Saoirse C-W, Year 11

It was certainly an eventful winter cup. We had the usual karaoke led by Mrs Kelley with the songs we’ve grown to love. Santa Claus is coming to town for Marlow, Let It Snow performed by Chaucer, Jingle Bell Rock by Becket and last but not least Augustine got Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Which was your favourite? It’s always so great to see people singing and dancing and having a great time!

Decorations or a quiz? What did your form do? I did the quiz and had so much fun with my house trying to figure out what year the Grinch was released!

Then we were outside, relay races and capture the flag. Did you manage to take another house’s flag? Hopefully you helped your team by running during the relay and helped add another point to the already long list! There was such a great atmosphere at the edge of the track, everyone cheering on their house and even their friends from other houses.

Then we had another winter cup classic…The obstacle course. Who knew that weaving in between poles, walking and jumping over benches and crawling under a net could be so fun!

Eventually the time came for everyone to fill the bleachers and sit with their house, we then had the pleasure of watching an amazing dance performance to Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson!

Before we got to find out the winners of the winter cup, we did the last tradition, the Twelve Days … song. Everyone had so much fun singing the different parts at the top of their lungs.

Then the time came for the very first drumroll, in fourth place came… Augustine!

Third place was…Marlow!

Everyone’s attention was on Miss Butler as she got ready to reveal who came in second place. Chaucer and Becket waited with baited breath, in second place….. Chaucer!

Well done to everyone in Becket for such an amazing result! A special thank you to all the teachers who made it all happen and for the House Captains from each year for being great motivators!

Have an amazing holiday and see you all in the New Year.



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