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Annie Cast List!

This article was written by Portia C-W, Year 8

The Cast list for Annie is out and rehearsals have started. Let’s go through some of the main lead roles and a bit of a character summary.

Annie - Sophie Whitt

Annie is a complex little girl. She is a tough, streetwise urchin who is nevertheless vulnerable when she thinks she might lose what has become most important to her: a newfound “family” who loves her. Although she is at times aggressive or crafty, the audience should never doubt Annie is a friendly and caring child; she will go to any extent to gain the love of a family to which she can belong.

Warbucks - Tristan Nathan

He is middle- aged, self-assured and confident. At first awkwardly affectionate toward Annie, he soon finds himself completely charmed by her. He begins his transformation when he views “N.Y.C.” through Annie’s eyes and falls in love with the city again. Annie also helps him see the things he is oblivious towards.

Grace Farrell - Portia Cunningham-Watson

Grace is mature, calm, cool and “together.” She is classy and businesslike when dealing with Miss Hannigan and Warbucks, yet maternal toward Annie. Grace can set herself apart from the other characters simply by the sophisticated way she walks. Grace should seem ready with an answer for just about anything. Each dramatic situation should seem to come “under control” the moment she glides into a scene.

Miss Hannigan - Sophia Waltenspuhl

This woman is definitely a “Has-been.” Her distaste for her job and the children that are part of it are obvious in every line she speaks, every song she sings and every move she makes.The acrid delivery of her lines and the torch-like rendition of her songs distinguishes her from the other characters in the show.

Maybe now that you know a little bit about the characters, you might want to watch the show!


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