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10 Excuses for Arriving Late to School

You can definitely get away with arriving late to school once or twice. But making a routine of it... not so much.

Here's another list to use at your own risk. Some of these may be more applicable to anyone participating in distance- learning.

We won't take any responsibility for these excuses resulting in trouble.

1. "My alarm didn't go off. "

Let's be honest, this is one of the most used excuses. You may have used this when you overslept or needed a few extra minutes to log into your class. It’s a huge risk, however if you can remember the entire plot of your favourite movie, you can remember to charge your phone so your alarm goes off.

2. "There was traffic."

No one is able to control traffic. Although it’s generally predictable, every now and then some roads may have horrible traffic - and what better way to take advantage of the unexpected.

3. "My carpool was late."

This is the most believable excuse. Use it wisely though, if the people in your carpool are in the same class/year as you and they weren't late, you will be finding your name on CPOMS.

4. "My bike broke halfway, and I had to walk it to school."

You would generally be exhausted after doing this... to make it more believable, we suggest you do 10 pushups before entering class (the PE department will definitely be happy to hear all about that).

5. "I forgot my mask at home and had to go back to get it"

In all honesty, bringing your mask is one of the most essential things to have with you. They’re there for your safety and you should probably “remember” to pack an extra one or two next time.

6. "My dog/cat didn't want me to leave"

Who would tell you off for your pet is a little cutie pie?

7. "My Wifi wasn’t working".

We can say for sure, most of us used this during online school, whether it was legitimate or we had just overslept and missed registration. This is believable purely because of how often it happens. Remember, you’re expected to get your wifi “fixed” eventually, so be careful not to use this excuse too many times.

8. "Something went wrong with my computer"

Did you really have to restart your computer? Or was it just to buy you extra time before registration?

9. "I thought it was the weekend"

It may just be wishful thinking; since quarantine we sometimes blur the lines between days.

10. "I asked myself 'to be or not to be' at school"

Everyone loves an aspiring Shakespeare.

Which one's are you going to try out next time?

Let us know how it goes!


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